About Us

About Us

David Cahill
Founder and Co-owner
Liam Delaney
Liam Delaney
Joe Wiliams - Manager at Beat Box Gym
Joe Wiliams
Pete Mercer - Manager at Beat Box Gym
Pete Mercer


After many years working as an Area General Manager for some of the largest commercial gym chains, Beatbox founder David Cahill became weary of the dull and impersonal experience they delivered and longed to do something with more fun, colour and atmosphere - something that matched his personality. 

In 2010, David started Beatbox with a vision to do the opposite of the large commercial gyms; he welcomed personal trainers to bring their own clients who weren't gym members, he introduced flexible daily and weekly memberships instead of the corporate contracts that the commercial gyms offered, the music was loud to help members train harder and the intimacy of the space laid foundations for what would become a great community that attracted some of the best instructors in the industry. 

The quality of David’s product was the nature of its success. In 2014, after year-on-year sustained growth since opening, David went in to partnership with investors Liam Delaney, who was a Beatbox gym regular. In April 2016, Joe Williams and Pete Mercer joined the company as shareholders. 

Liam is a professional engineer and has been a fitness and martial arts enthusiast from a very young age. 

Joe is a regular attendee at many of Beatbox’s classes and is also a Beatbox personal trainer. As the owner of a successful cleaning business, Joe brings a high level of administration and management skills to Beatbox.

Pete is the owner and manager of the Pete Mercer Academy and is also Beatbox’s kickboxing instructor. As well as being one of the UK’s best kickboxing instructors, Pete has extensive contacts in the industry and runs regular fight shows. 

Now the gym has greater visions of growing its community, with Liam, Joe and Pete adding a new dimension to strengthen its offering. One of our first and most exciting projects is being a part of the story for rising star Chi Lewis-Parry, a Beatbox fighter who is quickly becoming a household name in both Kickboxing and MMA.


We are an honest gym that doesn’t care from which walk of life our members come, nor what their physical appearance is or what physical shape they are in, but we do want them to be serious about their training.  

Being serious about training doesn’t mean being serious about life, so we would recommend bringing a sense of humour to the gym. It is this attitude which has seen glamorous celebrities and bare knuckle boxers train side by side, each not caring what the other one thinks as they are in a place where they are not judged. We have members who own multi million-pound companies and train alongside members who struggle to pay their phone bill each month; everyone is treated the same.

Our product revolves around the type of attitude we expect from our clients rather than a specific facility that we offer, and as such our patrons are typically a personality type rather than an age group or gender. All in all, this makes for a friendly and fun gym where you will laugh more than you grimace!

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