Beatbox has a fully equipped gym floor that caters for those who are serious about their training. 

We have dumbbells from 2kg to 50kg with all the increments in between. There are several benches including fully adjustable incline and decline.

Our set of heavy hi-lo cables provides a great base for training with attachments including ropes, revolving bars, V-bar and leg cuffs. 

There is a heavy training area with free bench-press, heavy duty squat rack and an assortment of bars including Olympic press bars, Olympic E-Z bar, a Poliquin bar, a Hex deadlift bar, lifting chains and bumper plates. 

There are a number of stability balls for core work, and leather medicine balls ranging from 3kg to 7kg. There is an oak-floored open training studio upstairs, and many clients achieve their cardio workouts with skipping ropes and punching bags, or on our cross trainer and rowing machine.

Training with your own bodyweight is also possible on our chin and dip bars, Roman chair and TRX.  

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