Personal Trainers

Personal Trainers

There are many well documented benefits for having a personal trainer to help you achieve your training goals; increased motivation, quicker results and expert advice are just a few. However, there are many traditional barriers to employing a personal trainer, such as compulsory gym memberships and minimum session requirements that are inflexible to one’s personal circumstances. 

Here at Beatbox, we have removed those traditional barriers to make personal training easy to obtain at a very affordable price with total flexibility to suit whatever lifestyle you may have. We have no requirement to be a Beatbox gym member for you to have a personal trainer and there is no minimum number of sessions to which you must commit. Sessions are organised directly with your Personal Trainer and not to some rigid corporate schedule. 

The money you save on gym membership will get you much quicker and better results when you spend it training with one of our elite team!

Listed below, along with a photo and some key information, is the team of Beatbox personal trainers. If you are a personal trainer and would like to train your clients at Beatbox, click here for more information.  

Beatbox Gym Personal Trainers
Steve Obe

Steve Obe

The original Beatbox trainer and current MMA class instructor 

Steve was the inspiration behind many of the concepts that Beatbox embraces today. Involved in the fitness industry for most of his life, Steve has achieved great results for people across a massive range of fitness needs.

Whether your goal is to lose weight, get fighting fit, rehabilitate your injuries or pack on muscle, Steve will get you there with fun, unorthodox techniques that will amaze you.

Qualified to the hilt, Steve is also one of our professional fighters and is especially suited to people looking for sport-specific training. His style is explosive and he will get the absolute best out of each client. If you are looking for big results, and fast, Steve is your man.
Mark Staiger

Mark Staiger

Mark is a highly accomplished personal trainer with more than 20 years’ experience as a fitness and sports instructor, including 15 years as professional swimming coach for Australia’s Paralympic preparation programme and as the current coach of the Woking Swimming Club.
Mark’s qualifications include: BSc (Sports Science), Certificate IV Health & Fitness (Australia) and UKSCA (UK Strength and Conditioning Association) certification. 

Mark will tailor your nutritional and exercise programme to help you meet your individual health, fitness and performance goals. Mark excels in fitness, strength and body conditioning workouts, including hypertrophy–specific programmes, periodisation for strength training and speed, endurance and game-style fitness training. He also offers nutritional and weight management advice, which includes including meal plans and exercise routines.
Pete Mercer

Pete Mercer

In addition to running the Beatbox K1 Kickboxing class and Boxing and Striking classes, Pete is also an accomplished personal trainer.

Being a successful professional fighter, Pete knows what it takes to achieve your goals, and he has developed methods over the years to get himself ready for big fights - they have never let him down and will certainly not let you down.
Sam Reedman

Sam Reedman

Sam is a vibrant and energetic trainer who brings fresh ideas to the Beatbox artillery! Specialising in running and boxing fitness, Sam set up his own brand of training from a young age.

A measured and composed professional, Sam is very precise in his session delivery, and will closely monitor and record your performance so that you can see clear progress.

Sam is a fun, polite and considerate trainer who will get you to your destination at the pace that suits you best. Running is a forte.

David Bidder

David Bidder

David is a young professional with a degree in Sports Coaching Science BSc (Hons). He is devoted to producing personalised, creative programs for every individual using his service. 

Anyone looking to improve their sporting fitness regardless of racket, ball or athletic based, David is the trainer for you. 

Not forgetting the individuals searching for an hour of limit pushing workouts or energising, tension relieving and postural improvement, David can cater for your every need.  

With continual professional development at the forefront of David’s aspirations you can rest assured your program will be fast flowing and utilising contemporary qualifications. 
Zaheer Akram

Zahir Akram

Our very own Men's Health covershoot finalist, Zahir specialises in bringing a touch of the East to your training with Muay Thai technique! Being a qualified boxing coach and fitness trainer, you can be sure of a workout that will test your mind and mould your physique.

Prepare for expert strike pads, kettlebell toughness and all trained in with style and grace.
Zahir learned much of his trade at specialist camps in Thailand, and will direct all his energy at achieving the results you need.
Tim Radcliffe

Tim Radcliffe

Tim is a Black Belt in BJJ who originally trained in Chinese martial arts and went on to great success in San Shou competition. On the back of his wins, Tim commenced training BJJ with internationally renowned coach Ricardo Da Silva, and the rest is history. An acclaimed and respected competitor, Tim is available for classes (Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and MMA Classes) and private tuition at Beatbox.

Sheree Halliday

Sheree is a highly accomplished Muay Thai professional and has been fighting professionally for ten years with a 29 – 20 record. Sheree holds the ISKA World title, IKF European title, WPKL British title, ISKA English title and was also a part of the bronze medal winning IFMA World Championships team in 2006 in Bangkok, Thailand.

In 2014 Sheree won The Martial Arts Illustrated Hall Of Fame Awards for her outstanding achievements within the world of Martial Arts.

In addition to her Muay Thai achievements and instructing out Muay Thai Ladies’ - Thai Fit Class, Sheree is also a qualified personal trainer and Swedish masseuse.

Joe Williams

As well as being a shareholder and manager of Beatbox, Joe is an enthusiastic Personal Trainer with over eight years’ experience in the fitness industry.

Joe specialises in weight loss training, sports specific training, strength training and conditioning. He also provides advice and expertise on all aspects of nutrition and general well-being.

Joe likes to place an emphasis on making his sessions original and fun while ensuring an effective workout.

Shawn Sanderson

Shawn fell in love with grappling and strength training right here at Beatbox ; initially a long term client, she discovered her potential within our vibrant community and today she wants to help you do the same.

Shawn enjoyed attending personal training sessions with Beatbox founder David Cahill for over 4 years; during that time her physique and performance improved exponentially. She experimented with cardio, explosive power, bodybuilding and powerlifting. Already highly knowledgeable, Shawn formalised her education with a Personal Training certificate from Premier Global, so that she could use her excellent skills to train members at our gym to improve their physique, composition, and fitness.

By now, Shawn seems like part of our favourite furniture at Beatbox, and the transition from client to trainer has been a very natural development in our friendly community. Her Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu training also started with us, a sport she is passionate about and loves to teach to both adults and children. Now a competitive jiu-jitsu blue belt with qualifications in various fields of nutrition, Shawn will help guide you to you accomplish your goals and become your fittest, strongest self.
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