Become a Beatbox PT

Personal Training at Beatbox

As well as being flexible for our clients, Beatbox offers an awesome new format for personal trainers. Gone are the days of being ripped off by a large corporate gym. Beatbox was founded by David Cahill, who previously managed health clubs and personal trainers for eighteen years and genuinely wants to see skilled trainers enjoy the success they deserve.

That's why you can train your clients at Beatbox for £8 per session on a casual basis. It is also why every trainer gets free high street advertising and can train clients at Beatbox who are not Beatbox members. This allows you to keep the cost of your sessions affordable for clients, and also removes any extra cost of gym membership for them.

Whether you have 1 client or 100 clients, Beatbox will ensure that you are always going to be in profit. Call, e-mail or visit Beatbox and take a step towards making the living you deserve.

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